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Calcasieu and Jefferson Davis Parish Voters Tolling Opinions

These are results from a contracted independent poll gauging the public's opinion on the proposed tolls in Calcasieu and Jefferson Davis Parish. Listed are the key results and findings from the survey.


A detailed report of the poll's results, including the background and demographics, can be viewed and downloaded below. A copy is also included in our Press Kit.


Voters were less likely to vote for a candidate who supports tolling.

Of those surveyed – 49.7 % of respondents said they would be less likely to vote for a “pro-tolling” candidate. Only 18.2 % of voters said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports tolling.

  • Of the identified 49.7 % who were not likely to vote for a candidate who supported a toll on the new Calcasieu Bridge, 35 % were “much less likely” in their opinion to vote for pro-toll candidates.


Voters in Calcasieu and Jefferson Davis parish hold an unfavorable view of tolls.

Of those surveyed – 52.4% of voters have some form of unfavorable view of tolling, while only 38.6% of voters view it positively.


Voters don’t want to toll the new Calcasieu Bridge.

48.8 % of voters opposed the tolling of the Calcasieu Bridge, while only 34.8 % of voters supported it.


When asked if voters were given a message suggesting that tolling was the only way to fund the new bridge, respondents were split with their support of tolling following the statement.

This message split voters, with only 34 % of all respondents being more likely to support tolling, and 34.3 % being less likely.

  • Of the identified 34.3 % who were less likely to support tolling, 24.8 % felt strongly and were “much less likely” to support tolling.


After being exposed to positive and negative messages on tolling the Calcasieu Bridge, voters were still opposed to tolling the new bridge.

Overall, while some opinions slightly moved voters still largely opposed tolling. With 48.6% of respondents continued to oppose the tolling of the bridge and only 37.3% supported the toll.

  • Of the identified 37.3 % who overall opposed the toll, 37.2 % were “strongly opposed” to it.

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